Thermoforming allows us to turn flat material such as polyester or nylon into a finished 3-dimensional shape. The process begins with fabric laminated to one or both sides of foam and then placed in a 2-piece mold. Heat and pressure are applied, permanently molding the laminate into a semi-rigid product.

Thermoforming allows us to add an even higher degree of functionality by varying fabric and foam types and even creating combinations that can be incorporated into your product to make it lighter weight, softer, and ensure it provides maximum protection. You can even make your product stand out from the competition by incorporating a custom pattern or prototype.

  • Protection – Thermoformed products are semi-rigid. They can help protect your products from impact, dust, sun, moisture, and other environmental factors.
  • Attractive style – Thermoformed products have a smooth, contoured, wrinkle-free look. Stylish hardware and artwork can be added for styling and additional visual appeal.
  • Custom fit – Thermoformed products can be molded into exact shapes desired for your components. Die cut foam or molded plastic inserts can be added for extra protection of instruments. Dedicated instrument cavities can also be formed directly into the product.
  • Lightweight – Thermoformed products are easy to transport.
  • Lower tooling cost – Thermoformed product tooling is less expensive than blow molded or injection molded tooling for most applications.