Fabric Welding

Fabric welding is the precise science of bonding industrial fabrics to create a secure, impenetrable seam to ensure that liquids and/or air are kept in or out, and that delicate, perishable items remain safe. Our welding experts use a variety of methods to fuse films and coated fabrics such as urethane and vinyl to achieve those results.

  • Radio frequency welding
  • Free hand welding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Custom seam welding
  • Impulse welding
  • Hot air welding
What determines which weld is optimal for your product? The specific materials being used, desired appearance of the seam, size of the product, how strong the seam needs to be, and how many units will need to be completed in what time frame. Our team works from the detailed prototype and even creates custom tooling that will work best with the chosen fabric.

We offer third party testing for products and process validation.