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TPI is your single-source for custom sewing and sealed product resource that combines the highest degree of integrated prototyping, innovative engineering and expert manufacturing to consistently exceed expectations.
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For more than a quarter century, TPI has been a leader in the specialized prototyping, engineering, manufacturing, and branding of custom sewn and sealed solutions for a wide range of product needs including medical devices, sensitive electronics, delicate instruments, health and safety products, sales demo cases, and more.

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Our experts integrate a wide range of unique capabilities including prototyping, engineering, custom sewing, textile welding, precision cutting, thermoforming, and the ability to source materials on a global scale – all in service of supporting the manufacturing of exactly the right product for your needs.  More...

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We are a turnkey provider that specializes in collaborating with our customers, discovering unique methods of incorporating their needs and ideas into the prototyping, sourcing, production, packaging and delivery of an original custom sewn or sealed product solution.  More...

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Find out how our process works – and how well it works – from companies that have used our skills to create custom sewn and sealed products. From custom wheeled bags to heart pump pouches to weldable sports medicine leg cuffs, TPI has always developed products that go beyond expectations.  More...

I would highly recommend using TPI. They have provided quality products and excellent customer service on a variety of medical service bags.–Program Manager, Metro Area EMS Service

Product performance met specifications, cost out initiatives exceeded goal, and increased patient comfort and usability.–Rick Yoder, Executive Vice President of Sales/Partner

TPI's creative prototype team, in collaboration with industrial designers and engineers, was able to work with the medical device customer to bring their concept and sketches to life in a very tight time-frame with very technical deliverables. The belts were designed and modified based on the medical device prototype changes requested to meet the patient requirements.–Dan Darst, Executive Vice President and Partner at an Award Winning Design Firm